There's More People At It Than You Might Realise

Spiralling anabolic steroid use leaves UK facing health timebomb, experts warn

drugs in LeedsAn interesting article (link below) with a few seemingly reliable sources that are worth further investigation. From being out of the country for 11 years I was amazed at the number of roid users when I returned recently. It's just a matter of time before the general public is aware (more-so) of what people working within the fitness and sports industries see daily: that drug use is extremely common and what is actually possible through clean training doesn't match what people, you can't attain the physiques of the fitness magazine cover models, that of the summer blockbuster super-hero movie or the latest hip hop star...without drugs. From someone who has known a few fitness trainers bite it when only in their 50s, (dying in 50s seems all too common for steroids users), I totally agree with build muscle in Leedsthe article's sentiments; young people are playing with fire here and to this end we at BPM will absolutely never employ someone who has a bodybuilder's physique, and will discourage (through marketing and other ways), bodybuilders from wanting to come to our gym.

The media is of course not to blame for everything; playing Grand Theft Auto doesn't make you a serial killer but it seems that rugby may have a lot to answer for in a city where rugby is a big sport, but a sport that has a disproportionately high number of drugs users (as shown by the UK Anti-Doping body here). Coming from Barrow, the sport was a huge and fantastic part of my life as a kid. Now I've got a little 'un myself and it won't be long before he's walking upright. I'm really torn between buying him his first ball and pair of boots ...or some kit for another sport....  still haven't decided ....but am favouring the latter.
What to choose though?

I do believe the whole drugs and image things is a fad though. In the future (hopefully not too distant), people will be able to spot drugs users to the point that it will become socially ridiculous to look this way. Bodybuilders generally think other people can't tell and this may be the case primarily now but won't always be. I've been working in gyms for donkeys years and can spot this the same way a dentist can spot bad teeth from across the room. In time everyone will too. Let's hope so anyway.

Have a read here to start you off, check out the sources if you want to go further and then take it from there.

Jon Robinson
BSc (Hons) Sports Science.