Who are BPM Bike Lab?

Bpm Bike Lab evolved from Spinback Fitness, originally formed in Shanghai, China by Jen (Spin-Addict!) and Jon (Sports Scientist). Spinback's services were based on 2 things: provide the most efficient way to burn fat combined with the most effective core exercises. Combining these two aspects of fitness allow you get extremely fit and lean whilst ensuring the body does not wear out, staying in good mechanical working order until your old age.

Shortly after earning the prestigious title of TimeOut Shanghai gym-of-the-year 2014, Jon and Jen returned back to UK to open BPM Bike Lab, re-branded to reflect the advanced tech that is now available for indoor cycling gyms, and also to showcase the 4 main areas of the new set-up: Bikelab, Slimlab, Zenlab and Physiolab.  Combining talents and investing heavily in the finest hi-tech bikes money can buy to offer the most effective fat-burning regimen. Every piece of advice dispensed is backed-up by peer-reviewed scientific research. If it hasn't been proven, we don't advise it; a fundamental value held by the company. Everything we do is 100% natural and truthful.

The sessions have always been structured so as to provide an hugely efficient and intense workout but not to lose the fun element. If you’re looking to burn fat you’ve come to the right place. Nothing else you can do in a gym environment can match the sustained intensity. Research has proven time and time again that high-intensity interval cardio is far and away the most effective way to burn fat. Bpm sessions are highly efficient, the result being that you shed fat at a much higher rate.

The core exercises are amongst the most effective you can practise, and are also extremely effective at alleviating muscular-related back and neck pain. Scientifically-sound advice is available through our blog but also on site; just have a chat with Jon if you have aches and pains and he'll point you in the right direction with useful exercises and a free video that you can follow. Personal Training sessions are available also to take this up a gear. In addition, Bpm present Corporate Seminars to educate your staff in how to alleviate aches and pains associated with prolonged sitting at a desk. On a more casual note, get in touch with Jen if you want to hold a Team-Building day at The Lab, these are great fun!

The Bpm Team have spent a small fortune on equipment. The bikes are the best you can get and AV set up is audiophile grade. For more details, see here.

Cycle only or combine with proper targeted core work and you'll get seriously fit! Beginners or advanced are welcome as the classes naturally accommodate all levels. You’ll burn an amazing amount of calories and we aim to make each class enormously satisfying so that you leave with a big smile!

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