Physios....Why Are You Still Administering Stretching and Ultrasound??

Physios .... Why Are You Still Administering Stretching and Ultrasound??

Been hearing it a bit lately that Physiotherapists are still providing these services when there's a whole load of evidence to show they're ineffective. If the requisite advice is to tell people to walk out the door, rest and let the body heal itself, shouldn't you be doing that? Instead of justifying a fee by doing unproven and dis-proven 'therapies'. Come on, time to change...

If you want to delve into this, good starting points are here:

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Chinny Reckon LeedsDisclaimer!

Re stretching and before we get a whole host of yoga fans jumping down my throat...please consider this...firstly we are also massive fans of the benefits of yoga (which is why it's a key element of our timetable) but the stretching isn't the reason it is (physically) a wonderful happens as part of the exercises...same as would happen if you did a squat in the gym (the muscles stretch/contract..shorten/lengthen and repeat) or a long-jump ...or on a climbing wall ...or reaching for a backhand's all good. Stretching for the sake of stretching Stretching feels great and if so, that's reason enough to do it but Physios, please stop pulling the wool over peoples' eyes' people who come to you in pain and good faith. Knock it on the head, people are expecting to pay for expertise.

Physios in LeedsThere are of course loads of good Physiotherapists out there. The work done by the NHS in rehab is simply fantastic given their limited resources. In the private sector too, the majority of Physiotherapists know their stuff. Thing is, when it comes to the mechanics of muscles and bones, the body is quite simple. Once evaluated, rehab essentially involves simple, safe movements; planned well, supervised closely; to over time become increasingly complex and progressive in the absence of pain.

Pain arising from muscular ailments is, in the main, fairly straightforward and responds very quickly to treatment. Pain arising from skeletal/joint sources can be more complex and involve psychological factors. BPM are Sports Science/Exercise Physiology experts, (not holding simply Personal Trainer qualifications or similar), are highly trained and experienced. Some conditions can only be diagnosed through having a close look though, so right off the bat would require and MRI (the wonderful NHS again) and evaluation from a surgeon. In such cases we don't attempt to rehab until we know exactly what the condition is (and we don't charge £50 for telling you to arrange an appointment). As a boutique facility, we don't expect clients to pay extra for such services; it's just what we do. We certainly don't give you a stretching worksheet to hope you feel you've got value for money. We do however, keep a close eye on you. An expensive visit to a Physiotherapist means you have to be sparing in the amount of contact.  BPM allow you to rehab your ailment in a safe environment under expert supervision, day after day if you have the will to do so. Work safe, but work smart.
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