Is Your Personal Trainer or Physio Still Going On About Posture??

chirporactor leedsIs Your Personal Trainer or Physio Still Going On About Posture??

Back pain as a result of poor posture has been doing the rounds for many years. Very simply, it is something that was invented by therapists, personal trainers etc to invent a market for themselves; it has been dis-proven over and over that poor posture causes these ailments.

At BPM we're fitness nuts for health reasons and know that moving in all planes of motion with good mechanics is just ...errmm..good. We promote undertaking exercises with good form that don't adversely affect the joints is the way to ensure your body works mechanically from now until until you're ripe into old age.....but whether or not you have an arched back when you stand, or a slightly turned out hip...has absolutely nothing to do with pain.

If you're finding this hard to believe, have a read of the articles below which are well researched/sourced with clear references to peer-reviewed studies to check the facts. If you are a Practitioner who is affronted by these claims, please ensure you have a proven fact to support your claim, which is backed-up by reputable peer-reviewed research from a reputable journal (i.e. not a bogus one).

The fall of the postural–structural–biomechanical model in manual and physical therapies: Exemplified by lower back pain by Eyal Lederman

Your Back Is Not Out of Alignment by PainSciencephysio in central leeds