Evolution Nutrition: the meal planning/tracking app.


evolution logo 2You will receive an email asking you to login and make a password via the website (please check junk or request if it hasn't sent). Bookmark this site and as you're now in the profile part of the website, please enter as much information as you can on:

'Edit Client Information'
'Client Images'

cherriesHow to select your foods.

Click on the 'Food Preferences' tab.
This is where we can avoid undesirable foods. Search for whichever foods you don't like and where it says 'select type', choose 'Food Items/Categories'.

slimming world club city centre LeedsSelect 'Dislike' for those choices you don't want. You can 'Dis-like All' certain food types; however, the more you select individual choices, the more detailed the meal planner can be. Please note this can be time consuming though.

Foods we definitely shouldn't be using!

nutritionist gym in city centre LeedsPlease search for and 'Dis-like All' these food types:

'fruit juices'
(these shouldn't be in the plan at all..we'll get round it..)

If your end meal plan ever throws up these options, please swap:

- fruit juices for water (preferably water), otherwise coffee or tea
- granola and fruit/nutrition bars, please replace with fruit

personalised fitness plans trainers Leedsplease note also, all fruit is interchangeable so change to whatever fruit you wish regardless of what is stated in the plan.

steakNearly there...

Once you've done these steps, please email me on jon@bpmbikelab.com. Tell me:

when you want to start your programme?
how many weeks you want to stick at it?
is it for a particular event/occasion?
do you have a set target in mind?
how motivated are you?

I'll then send you the programme. If we agree it's going to work for you lifestyle-wise and motivation-wise, then we'll get cracking!vegetables