BPM Zen Gem 2: How to Make or Break a Habit.

Attention to what he would do to be more powerful with the focus on athletic things you really welcome to the show are you going it's my pleasure so just run and share with the listeners to skimming the download your harm we had seen in a nutshell so I would see a link To several minds I so focus on release solely focused on playing soccer that was that was really my mission in life was to play professionally from a very young age I had a vision and housing that have been an ugly 20s I decided to pursue its high level of actually fortunate enough to play professionally in Toronto while as to what the school and I will do well and then when I finish my studies at the receive trial France to play with their with the old has one top observer there and it was is a dream come true spring so those critics arm at the same time adding epiphany was what was playing friends that maybe this wasn't what was meant to be doing our homework time to introspect and relieve value in my life my level of happiness and to be quite honest I was really happy playing soccer now and happy living the life that I want to live in satellite and think about what is really want to do and previous to this I was introduced to and both psychological strength and conditioning outsiders of soccer arm Wells 15 Ashley broke my leg playing Cyprus on the first introduction to the gym visible to my muscle and so it's a consequent 111 about my first introduction to the German getting gym membership and Zara spend my summers in Germany is really enjoyed it and as, a huge your bodybuilder about really enjoying tweaking the human body and just you Europe by a hacker in, same way when it comes to you to train the body and improve performance at this from a network perspective and especially the time so calm when I was 15 up at all my late teens only spends the most time off the field training my body adding a strong performance levels on the field I really never had any injuries a broken leg sources of return real exception as an athlete to have really never been sidelined by an injury other than in other them a broken leg 15 and a hairtrigger one that you what I was doing field so really led me to pursue state ecclesiology sales of the passionate human body and how words as Julia versus resident blushes to ecclesiology slashes are assigned in that I had a great time asserted – the personal training on the side while I was in school Tuesday applying what I was learning in AFL along with helping people I was first introduction to it was pretty last-minute help people lose weight feel better about themselves and ask doing a little bit wild soccer and then when I decided to finally retire from Cyprus 24, trial pursued studies in holistic nutrition to deals and health issues and I share an autoimmune disorder are 70, hair and really low energy seem about as much on trails even play soccer in spite of a lot of issues by and I realise a lot I was nutritionally so I came back to try selling as they solicit nutrition change my way forward in one issues circling about diet started to train my clients again and just fell in love with with transforming people's lives through fitness and nutrition and Michael my mission is dealt anointed electrocuting in so with two years of Redeemer clientele I realise I can do the one-on-one thing helps people so I move my entire business online in the mid-2006 will give the 1st to have three years so, trial and error are but since that time is just bin as she's been incredible in our enjoys so much more what I'm doing now in terms of dissolving programmes on nutrition and fitness level that you were able to provide people all around the world is and I just sits travel so I'm very passionate about living healthy living healthy life and in her inspiring other people to do the same so that solar cycle while with the euro would go through this opening the show notes the transcript will be the end of the interview but you given us enough of there are some promising now yes or the yard the website is you came.com is why URI tell me I am as merry.com and type of bloggers who have hardware you can check prematurity doing in regards we developed AIDS completely unique businesses under the umbrella and the is a program signature mortar now which is revocable at coming to 9 is a pretty audacious goal think (Belvedere about 600,000 Montana voters so you added another you will probably gets and we are so many different websites that are somehow more traffic than others in my personal blog maybe yes you only a hundred hundred 50,000 units a month red saucy members that this model better yes is likely level blights you were really looking at am building my business through engaging client I would really will release anyone hand cut a little bit because we were slapped after one Facebook in terms of advertising which is unfortunate and because apparently helping people are healthier as family apparently daily when we told them that health enquiry getting thicker and longer it is. I wonder a lot of people think wonder why we kick you off the is fresh and we are last three months ago circular tragedy back on the wireless world with embassy was happening so we spent a good six weeks with Google going back and forth review process and it got apply work they were telling us we can even include benefits on our webpage so if we if we receive your saying and you cant include statements like this will give you more energy and thinking while the colours that anyone was disable marijuana programs and is a slight swagger factory that we had just, should just go to the site will bed and thus avoid refocusing on what was it what can we do that is with control outside of advertising online with those two mediums that probably might be relevant resident with how my poor business folks along engagements am connecting with a clientele like deeper and do things on Facebook to grow organically YouTube has been huge from from the one you's ideas on earth spinner tremendous was the traffic thrusts are served as customers continue to I was a great podcast a couple months ago some crisis organically and the cordial programs that would put a lot of effort into making sure staff is the best and when once you summer programs there is the blonde women equality as well as the transmission of value that and we did a lot of viral were not from NASA estimates of the fun challenge that think outside the boxing can grow organically arm as opposed to looking at using was a PPC as much as we like to climb wishing, the timid Oracle it's amazing how the Internet allows people who have specific knowledge to connect with people wanted in. The wheat from the chaff, and make it so narrowly won either the wheat or the chaff the it really the ability of the community or the crowd reviewer a to decide what with Roman what works and what doesn't it like a breath of fresh air visits like the Reader's Digest version of health is was going to be there for everyone's Reader's Digest has the most readers eyes because the people. Themselves into is different people, different things people are willing to listen to you). You have a specific perspective now Tenuate raw food good Not post a rather bad breath this times of the identities of kale zooming are generally opposed to your take on Rolf Sam think some people may have misinterpreted me as a rock because Islam one) the values based on eating more raw foods but it's not about becoming a rock to disarm my family and for me I firmly believe that you more often dissolved the benefits my health I know that from my body when I'm more planned based on more the rhyme you if your thousand times better therefore have some burger mistake so for me really was Rodwell and it would offer thousands of clients as well so I approach nutrition from a non-dogmatic perspective understanding neither one resonates with the wrong

as companies winery dogs is the dogmatic dance now but I have two dogs are sometimes really push my buttons so there are a couple inches away from the front grille and a that rotten is that I think that is the as the things we know about the vitamins and minerals in the the enzymes the stuff that we know that gets denatured in the cooking process and we know that you more offers are generally better for anyone imperial rather archives in the case of your green badges like kale and spinach in the article issue and personally I haven't really I have noticed an issue in terms of nutrient deficiencies from those in indifferent as done pharmacy with things like broccoli cauliflower in the Ross leaves the top for people to die just so your steamers if you need to as if it's easier to pallet you brightly as the so I'm a little bit of the more forgiving than a lot of the other foodies at but I think the arm you look at the research the consensus is that no matter what it is what is reading if you can eat more plant foods recipient the health one are generally a lower will be my lower body weights and just improve matters of health and general health information lifestyle my approach to limit your enemies at you more places with you to replayability to afford to give the borrower the egg yolks deliver the grass fed beef and other nutrient dense things that don't come from plants like is an email client Cove will of a copout while in office you can really and I don't personally know anyone is oversaturated themselves because the reality is most people are getting less than the mysteries of fruit and vegetables a day so I see more amine might stuff your face you have no zooming you do not yet sold a higher level than the magazine more means likely to go to listen to this podcast okay people like I have to be careful as I sit work you don't need certain regular day and I know that for most people I've also less than 25 g of fructose to be a low-carb diet renders 75 g of carbs but then I did get a 80 g today other than whatever is my vegetables my broccoli and rocky it's a joke aviary thirty-year 50 g do better to do that right so so if you were listening to this and are actually critiquing the value of your words instead of eat more vegetables what would you tell them to do I would look at Psalm beast eat a tense running speed is because that's on a retargeting of such can now emulate others are resisting eczema of our general drama looking at are the number of fronts and this is done in all women from specials with the numbers of vegetables are getting through that people reading attract 15 years and found that those eating green vegetables per day moved three years longer than me and so is no dispute questionnaire following people are simply three vessels a day in 90s was a criminal expand by several years and notions like if you listen grass and have recipe with sautéed spinach with steam broccoli wherever possible aviary it's not about is moving away from anything, through obstacle prettiness match messages with the processed garbage and moving towards more the natural diet enough I have I have stayed with you once twice a week feeling but with that state, having a huge big potato are not having a site French right someone having a huge salad having steam broccoli will have different different veggies. My day with the green juice a green smoothie and those are really simple ways to get along with fresh foods in invisible man successfully my messages is really the arm again not be fanatical but to stop a look at the recommendations above five teachers from specials a day in their address up that little bits to charge people your data 1012 would be awesome and really were situated in the arson here's a question for you I was in London a month ago two months ago and every licensing food and veg as if it's a new work but if you get with a piece of fruit is its most watery candy is mostly fructose over fibre into smiling that would have existed if the food was fresh acceptance to reach a result of Iran's most integrate to get back into the water bag of fibro minerals which should be broccoli something without all the yet your saying fruit and vegetables to disconnect any old magazine to tennis 10 bananas a day and one third of the rewriter, and okay so when is irreversible is the greatest reckless right vegetables law triggers read like their name related to each other other than that the above average related alley, would you tell people what to be precise in attrition do you see a difference between is different yet should be vegetables and fruit I mean I think from in terms of having some basic fuels that you are energetically Gazza green) and really, authoritarians eating a watermelon a day through the Nano zoning is pretty excessive in its spread dusty and assistance fanatical they get away with it because I think of the) levels are much higher than the average person but your mind 500 watermelon everyday in the that's going to catch up with you though residing in a regular viewer in the government like a 16-year-old person's panorama fruit and vegetable diet for four years or something not like the time but I can I can only imagine people look like send city display I know a couple like spent another four years respect decades on and that I like this and you can see it in the ability to stay on touting cognitive function and so you can do a lot when you're under 30 in Russia says a lot you can everyone I find why do people confuse religion as most of delivery like I can live for serving this morning but no appear bananas and grapes the bladder I develop inaccuracy like and one gardens grow okay so no one you have a timing thing from's vessels are born the one would you go the client specific with a habit as precise as you arm while I like to think of it more as vegetables and fruits of can focus on the media's movie are multichannel amazing fruit smoothies or fruit juices and the seller through those that especially in introducing a likely produce fruits for juice a catalogue of watermelon grapes and strawberries as IIS is amazing because all these women's minerals will probably set you are stripped away the only thing preventing or delaying the all the photos from the University are making a delivery cart had so even those in the whole state is one thing is will be better to stagger the consumption fruit juice and is China back the savings having a culprit which are medial monitored for value maybe is debatable with vegetables, again I think vegetables provide so much more benefit in terms of the session green – was looking at alkalising minerals like calcium calcium magnesium which runs to change the quality of the out the alkalinity replied which arm from an energy perspective from monohull perspective is the foundation of health in every disease we know is related at some level to inflammation acidosis and those can be very easily mitigated by adding more greens into diet may mention that with clients was the good stuff banner fibre which I'm seeing is so one uses whiskey and more greens is to reduce them because you struggle with a fibre and answer a lot of high in fructose as as that would also benefit from a nutrient absorption perspective without having one of the five the digestive so as on a big fan of inducing green vegetables scenario may be poorer for the sweetness and noise smoothies again really focusing more on the vegetables adding one or two fruit for you making a little more palatable for most people but also the thing to think about with liquids is that you're dishonoured sharklike ideologies tried one arm should reduce as it is one how take the time to pursue your smoothie should reduce because activates a whole digestive process that doesn't happen unless you are showing more enzyme activation and again slows down how much is coming into the system once which is that which is a good thing for a little processing about us general in your prospective are working with athletes and all with the optimum number of meals per day for maximum energy that that the service it sounds tough because depends on the date so I personally think the whole 5 to 6 meals a day thing has been blown way proportion and I personally think from an energy perspective for the average person assuming you have healthy blood sugar levels arm even less actually will boost revenue on one transaction and shown to increase your longevity as well so that's why things like intermittent fasting so 19 drinking water for a day could be one of the best things you help once was differences now wonder things that challenge my athletes new accuracy trial wisely is a place that is in Sunday's train Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and one the year one weekend outing was Thanksgiving week I challenge together to listen after Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday night and we don't we just played salaries and it is a big meal Sunday night I said I challenge is tomorrow training anything just to fast don't need anything all day tomorrow allow your body some time to repair itself and is not many requested that the whole fire is that when reading food all the time we don't allow your body to was supposed to do other than digest so allow the repair mechanisms to places was ensured immune complexes been broken down and again with athletes surely need more caloric consumption depending on how active they are solely depends on the day and so with athletes again personally when I was playing I probably had breakfast lunch and dinner I really the media are posts post training sports figures and Emily had a substantial snack between sweating depends on individual and down and when DVR line with respect to your training games and so for apparently incredible figures at the box with respect to how much the because the 565 signals a day if you average person

arm what is doing more than anything that you keep your insulin levels elevated all the and as