Zen Gem 3: The Importance of Exercise

All that taught in cross include NLM stick Perrier in a duet you enter the very lack of like so many and I read the book then ours black no gain name against nearly anything they find and and waste hold back from my So an Illinois doing that crash might highlight a lot of just always restricting had, my cheek and I I would even restrict TA to make one comment because I wanted to clean my maintaining my way back the terrible Share year so that all that for the 300 g a day girl all boil was left being and doing right and I just got to a point next screw working and after two years and where everything we can leading aluminised like the amount of carbohydrate in no her no do not tracking of so who knows what is actual that which is doing and ensured hero just looks worse and worse in eyes she had a note is always posting something like for some reason she she seeing progress by any well and happy while you're no like can you what was she doing her negotiations with these uses allow a malicious happy whatever other took on a approach and I just saw Valencia people ice cream and an and remaining was just like one like if you just like their flexible dieting I had when hashtag like a gallon) and in the evening they won how wine and yet they reset speckling game there and I'm a few different things and I just started having chocolate and ice cream and anything cards and the 10 headed by what they really easily and now. Custom fit at the same time it felt like I can't deal with any nonsense any more than into a case you are persona non grata than you are she quickly leading a plan the chat don't let them excommunicate a battle in the flag when baby Alan are weightlifting and dieting and knowing had mild value shall calculate and what you were and have a good idea like you know I have protein in my meals sick satiated and how like the feeling, that is guy had contacted every meal fell apart when I looked at my my eye though I have a very balanced approach rather than a nothing approaching you do not down to Dockside for two days are that like the people you work for you how you found it is, like represents the dark side of it which is like wig as a point of bragging like I'll ship the gliders a you didn't even dialogue and you don't by allows people or are funny not like u were down appeal your road and you were misinformed in whatever but you you you are buying into it until find you like anytime taxi was granted I think those people are currently equally deluded in that all the characters body composition and you are sure you know you can look a certain way you wanted Jonathan Kent by what health and longevity were about five years from now is a good for your body and that's where I think fossil dying is that those uninformed flexible buyers the just think it's just shit like without him I numbers are year but in 15 years when your body just is broken because you can take care of it because you know your event deficient in noise when minerals for some years in the media so I can gel feeling soft Pater like try matter yet but not like is only getting like good quality protein sources and and getting like a 5R and having feeling like a journey, especially in a disc and carbohydrate, styling and language get how your nutrition and calories are like I/O guidebooks from years is so stupid when it comes to cutting because he's just has a wee relationship with food where he has to be our like sweet stuff everyday like is dinner for instance begin the season these guys is something we need is merely some changes with wasting is on on this protein like high that it like to think that he thinks that awesome rape by you know you would when your car is restricted and you is revising less and less nutrients as it is in I think I think that those in between that including is that swearing makes sense like reading has its heart in the right place just doesn't have science in terms doesn't have enough specificity enough why are you doing this in some are like areas and does a guy retard like and white located advocated (select USA nutrients say satiated and I (my preferred and cunning and nutrients was actually anything you wipe the most nutrient dense food football you think this is one of his not the most is a little one food that humans can whip off indefinitely at the marina and approximately one food you could receive everyday professional life and you wouldn't central nine on the island and in a by and I think you like it was any of your food from nutritious eating calories from nutritious foods and also younger like the student government adviser would it is a few a few servings of fruit and vegetables a day one serving being like a fist whether that's the end has been around forever is that the to be some good research like people that eat more from vegetables live longer than the was that correlation is there has been known for long time so that's also like yeah you again if you are looking the bigger picture here there is continuing as an ideology as a dogma that when it that's were just kind gets like in a stay how think that actually because photos fertility that you have nation have re-emerged with everyday and I my there and then hold leads 29 like and lack the fencing macros and then getting, and doing it anyway right so you're exactly not also has a good point that if you are actually forming a sensible breakdown was at its board are to you, forced to eat healthier foods to end in the new then you can fit in little things about good luck trying to buy give you ideas pizza hotdogs in intraocular with protein shakes could watch an even bigger work period you aiming you have protein shake in your computer and have nothing left of the day itself was quickly alone at the lower strict especially when answering contract I like tend to not have an son of premade feeds or an take-out because) suggest you have dreams like it or not that any should be getting that like you a macros so you want to make itself newsletter lower fat you can have more veggies filling and and then you can make like and 600 cal 5 x 300 cal and just cellophane year: speaking locale is good hilltop ice cream you check this shit out I just got an extra one pie is like 280 cal a pint and actually doesn't is that the macros and planes like the protein for the 50 card in like 12 that whole thing yet to regard free advertising for a hilltop because it – it is not a lefty 20 is still words out for good tasting gelato have you tried 20 actually and the and like the reality the other night doing the filming and VA and I got for pipe and engagement chatted and that only had one claim of the function is arguably Ireland's loudest sucks are registers which we would want what I apparently don't like anywhere one that like a little higher in calories and apparently met but I had found someone who is combating so gaming buckwheat is amazing when you are prepping instead he was sure I will eventually die Jell-O only every day when I am having cycling in and out like that as soon as I finish a computer like a hermit in the morning Nathan my pre-like that in the inner freedom inherent in the during partners with the product Jell-O shot… That's funny hilltop jugular as I have a few questions that are a few things that I run into fairly regularly from from from women different question of my new from the running to. Type year and one is on feeling intimidated by giving weightlifting as an activity and also gyms intimidating and with all this we creepy looking dudes all the place and and then what happens when you know it's only going there and always ready give you advise further staring at you all the time whatever arm and I didn't realise that is as big a bar by Geiger's from just a minor accident women's social with the thing really want a pretty big altered to give release psychologically in the beginning definitely and and I now and I am going to need had a meaning to the four I know what I'm doing I can kind of like wandering around looking a little lost while China find a way that and inevitable Paxil Entrada and the new new China help only trying to help there when you feel like the and lack are around looking at me like and you might make people just as Cameron himself most of the time and don't really care in a Labour TD Leonard and I judging everyone there probably as self-conscious as you grow and shrink the option of going to a female driven narrative like women only gyms if you are like really concerned about being around males women's right back and honestly it once you start going you realise that not a scary thing everyone there for the same reason and and wanking the daily had find the yet but it is a good idea young and it's going the program get another year your destiny when I told Ms one times of the guys guys are if you are looking you like because the parking should value were even thinking negative thoughts time tutoring or you actually like you are just digging around it because that don't see that we often in gyms and friends like the new respectively would actually heavy outlay you which is actually trying and also orgasm was a lot program that difficult to go down look at with the rules that look is the only way release of the San Francisco regularly you also have to give. Is very dark mood you know you are ignoring different exercises and the like any activity I find like you compare weightlifting to explore in it we less awkward like because during the by yourself it is doing a thing for structures in informing your wheat Sykes in you your baby while the on squat in the desert and the barber was take a few weeks to get relief in the groove three feel comfortable with everything annuity not doing et cetera nothing new Viagra point sports and with support to continue the new kid you coming to associate a new sport on a team the worst player on the team nobody likes you because it is bad every time you outline R to retirement in the beginning and I just accepted as new like I was the return me because I sucked I was wearing a place to modernisem the recipe multimedia is a fun loving them back like what if it's hospital was in my spot then they would be deploying better so in the grand scheme of things it's pretty it's pretty mild like you not usually still not the black sheep around like why the fuck do we have to have genuine leather and as well as it's not like you're going in competition every time going to begin you have to get 1% better every time you have to am be the best person in the fact that it's not like if you coming up: like a lesson that you lining next time you only get better your mind leaning just an attack revered men into get you was also the one devoted to comparing results of the people and this is BB a bit more applicable to guys spamming us just as good as guys in from guys now ended the remaining especially since transformations on the Internet and the wondering why haven't I made progress like that dude anchors in many cases you are looking at a lot of the transmission special is one Linux is and when I thousand dollars then you better believe that be doing everything they can be drawn into the care and exchange streams but also like you for the game is sites of your someone like me say right now I start training for a do nothing is the fancy food like six months and I just looked terrible so that the beginning of a transmission by have you know where reflecting 14 years with the experience and our Mr Right transformation my four month six three-month whatever transformation and at a given drug I can and I'm going to have muscle memory and so within three months ago from like disgusting to just like fitness model because you know about rediscovering the amulet bad and then your three months four months will be like that what the fuck what can I do that and actually no that this is quite bad date posted instant and when you transformation it was actually posted photos of the three years apart into a lot of junk that I know that and trainer in training and he is not natural and paste this and like wide-eyed training programs of me that I looked like they can no actually take you that too is Warren and that even because I give people email me are the funeral of the number on the programme of mine for just that in a book charger and the worker programs should be poised to hear you can spend $10 read this book that what I would totally do anyway so what is charging more for that and a sort of keyboard time will send pictures and are you know I like you personally verify your sometimes wrong like the Seo six months on my manual, new tributary among and actually see and then your I've run into everyone smaller somebody tries to forge numbers for the most part people are reaching out to be honest and at school but scores with their incentive to lie but sure when you have winners money on the lining I run into that the more money there is a line the more shitty people be out there bullshitting basically in I see that you in an extreme sense being the softening industry survivor private company while workout supplements and you know I know just people and people in this space that do the other companies are selling pills and bullshit garbage and butter doing my plus minority year on sales and is that money online and in that that the links that these guys go to to to skiing into be shady would blow your mind like they it sits us full on like you know government operations that is that asking these guys get and you remember I like assessing people in the industry job like that good and they like the extra time they have all the knowledge to bike available to them and they like training different people everyday learning from their clients as well so it's like their whole life and the rainbow around like they are a brave enough you are working long hours and then you initially environment where people are as always and like unhealthy traces around and it had getaway planning and maybe like extreme my cat and the an extreme lack crazy diet that and someone who is extremely dedicated and handle this time in an also knows extreme diet or related to like you can do you can do that you can be a huge calorie deficit and still retain muscle and lose you know whatever £20 of fat in into monstrous that without drugs or you do it that's where and the flight impeded hours like I remember saying to my character like our and off I can do it because all the although the like fitness models and the girls around me in a still catchier I realised that taking all this stuff be in cleaning diet regimen track macro that machine exercise programs but and 20 week In Russia in everything like a reasonable and winding you heading for a couple times a week and end looked after my body and then afterwards adding have a crazy rebound like everyone else in the sustainable way to think it's a matter of getting out of the ironic now mindset and then whole process is really enjoyable and an -looking son of non-scale victories so getting stronger and getting more confident in the weight room and looking back not just focusing on this pattern you you you to live your negatives speaking to that point that the religious that like for me if I get one more wrap with wearability like a most remote workout with heavy carbon stuff so if I know one rebel heavy squat figure one more wrap my heavy deli site last week and even Russell got exactly same Viking do anything better then unhappy with that like I got a little bit better as I know the again next week and will begin next week then I can go up and wait and so that's just that we know of yesterday comparing softly during their to do work out and just for your little bit better just give's one wrap more one exercise that will be better and you know is obviously jumping up and down for by are that products and a yellow one in every day and am finding that you always fixated on the end goal that really hard to stay on track because it's a slightly tinier happiness is party then easy to construct a booster energy arm and that's obviously so