Zen Gem no.10: I Have Lost My Motivational Mojo. Training for Success in Leeds.

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I'm very happy to be here with a good friend and a men behind seal fit one of the things that makes you into a beast for the rescue life Mr Mark Devine has gone Mike Weir emigrates the vessel I was only for the corporate you are always weak show a fan favourite people to rave about what you do and I think that's a very good reason because you're capable of almost superhuman feats at the age of if they don't of Yorkie told people a little bit about seal fit the other things you do (and why no superhuman Vista story has been performing it with advanced microscopic scope and capture it anyway overnight I guess without going in the hall are greedy till I'm a former Navy seal commander Richard retired in 20 years and the seal teams 25 year practitioner the martial arts and 15 your practitioner and teacher of logo and also a business partner and astronomer six different businesses and degrees of success in some major careers in the ground which is what just simmering over the vessel and then some road successes are currently working on a number about the use into an unbelievably cool spring's journey with the precocity offered us your phone has a worldwide reputation after developing mental toughness emotional resiliency warrior spirit and our training programme is wickedly cool and I just I knew before we started that didn't executive Academy this weekend with three financially between one executors of high-end consultants and roasted professionals and business owners and chicks the crap out of you with the crap but they didn't rate you want it all of that we met weather and it's not like in a wheel you are using the same methods are used to teach the seals on the spec scanners but obviously radically scaled and adapted and appropriate for the age and we have a section on your guidance note this is 59-year-old lady came up to me afterwards and said, beyond my wedding weekend this is a most profound training and my wife a profound weekend of my life that Rosa some and again I think people have just gotten way from taking note taking themselves over cupboards on the point they will you know what the Coppertone is any right wing people uncomfortable with this company realised this really feels good were playing again I had another woman who runs a big consultancy Denver and in Colin Coleman she said should always been an athlete and then you know is a business to cover family to Karina she just assumed that being an athlete was part of life anymore and now we gathered rope climbing entire flips and releasing and playing and teaching her that this doesn't have to be boring going staining on a treadmill and blah blah reading old magazine secondly find pure immunity meant Feynman to play a challenge and ensured yourself and in guesswork when you do that many elemental charges and you add emotional challenges new train with the team of like-minded individuals and then you learn some of the skills of doing this together Olsen always translates back to being a better team making a better person develops character of the millions of that's under with silver now and actually having a ball in during that service, during a live in Encinitas California Sonny Moore skipped no no winner as Batista do a couple speeches last week I was in black if you with Becky's taste acrobatically is not magic as you look are coloured in the central mother starting region and in Europe as a dairy country but also the stomach leather there against, precisely a 30 year iatrogenic family always outside of winners on nastier sure and honest approach literature saw Mary at same time the same same but anyway so when not bothered whether about the things that stood simply by you Mark is that a lot of people kind of key because they are stressed there overburdened by whatever the world are throwing at them with the throwing at them solves the biggest causes of losing your health is the you seem to become only more resilient by Halina 51 and you still train like the Young Bucks rate when you are using them in your program you're right there with them how you are able to to withstand so much challenging abuse and everything in between and still maintain your health and your sanity are a garden or a is a great book about that you should do annoyed is a great book but I would read another even page text on it because I think I haven't seen many people pulled off certainly not for the extent of a timer career like you you do what's what the data due to overburdened is so much as start off with this notion that if you're feeling a lot of stress this because you are choosing to accept that stress choosing to live this life that feels are fast overburdened rushing of their recommended that all Joyce now may feel like it's not a choice but ultimately everything in life is a choice so your has a choice to work commitments you take as a choice now level stress you are a new life as a choice so that should start there now the question is can we control ourselves to the level where we allow ourselves to be able to have the capacity to turn into a choice instead of just being in a can of driven by other people's values are society's values auditioning, roll over like a steamroller from tapping your life yes so uneconomic the first premise and I was very fortunate enough to to learn early my wife merrily 20s how to take control to control my mind to control my emotions so that I can break the script enough now more school brothers I learned this from throughout martial arts Grand Master in now for four years was in the business world before I became a seal so I was actually a CPA went in my view, MBA head and I was gonna charge along a pair and I was controltartyne 30 years later they wonder how the hell they got their have some material success and not as much they like and feel secure but more than that the just feel like you know what's wrong with my life and understand how they missed the boat as in take time to get back in control and figure out what punters must be an insight into correction and I just feel incredibly grateful that I by Heather Foshan to learn the beginnings of this process to regain total control and then to develop that control now when I'm winning the seal training at 2526 and but I have learned enough from the Grand Master Nakamura that I mean I literally sailed through seal training I had a blast and you can find many Seals say they had a plastic real economy people start training we had 19 goes graduate and online and one of us was economy and that was me because I should've the smile on my face every single day and I just attacked the remote and file and tried be good team aid and staining in a mirror what they threw Watson martial arts was goes casino and I intersect well just like special offers no is no wonder best martial art and there is no one best special ops forcing out the seals are greater direct action and New Britain grated raw warfare recurrence seen that anything but there are better special operators and are masters in the narrow thugs the spectrum i.e. the silty difference between the two in media is just going track would be seen as an card you beat the massive that such great