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That burning man about real results when you see a model celebrity magazine, you're looking at life because deep within the digital batting riding in the blemishes at Russia as models also have tricks of the trade secrets for photo shoots today review with Mark Dunn former fitness model now coaches celebrities executives athletes to optimise their health and mindset before you to the show was a success story that just came and Harley says I'm excited and hopeful for the first time one time my wife brought your book home to me three weeks ago I weighed in at £390 and four years old and that scared me staring almost £400 seemed like a death sentence it's a ticking timebomb I knew it and my wife knew I'm using a program with pigheaded determination and working I have had no sugar no processed foods no cartridge for three weeks and I'm down £22 in three weeks for this problem are highly congratulations on a you know one of the things that excites me the most is your take someone who's been eating in a particular way for a period of time and over the course of time maybe for by your doctors friends family that you know you're just putting on weight is your big boned that's the generics of your family that is that we are born with that is what you have to settle for the truth is that every single one of us can improve our health with good old-fashioned nutrition fitness and lifestyle you giving good sleep giving son fresh air going on adventures distressing but especially dialling in nutrition and fitness can absolutely change your wife so if you're on the fence listening for a while and you haven't yet taken action now is the time if you are time you have to put the right food on your plate while you do that the easier it gets if you'd like to try while diet yourself from the device listening on right now check this out we have a new plan would just 30 days of seasonal wild mouthwatering new players that are designed to help you draft that would real food is what you have 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man.com/bra to get you discount that that burning man.com/broth base listening and use the shop right folks Mark Dharma is a high performance health and mindset coach for celebrities entrepreneurs and executives he has a Masters in positive psychology and is a former men's fitness model more than I first met or spoken several mastermind panels together right here in Austin Texas and I'm still that you are on show today market, Narnia I will think rewritable really appreciate what courses give you good one solicited by just cannot unravelling and digging into what is it about health and human performance that really fascinate really started when I was about 13 years old and my group in place, Rochdale England and then I was really into sport plays rugby played croquet swam play soccer love sports and I was overweight and I have no idea why I was overweight and it bothered me know people at school would make fun of me and really like it and one day got home from school aroma grandfather making a comment about weight to my mother the times my no school making fun of me come home and make my own grandfathers and economy of causing making fun of me he was I concerned about my weight was telling my mum about it I just took it like he was making fun of me I decided to form and figure out how to get healthy so side reading men's health men's fitness magazines doing what it said and I remember the first thing I learned was that water is good for you has I know that I did visits the Asia drink fruit juice only at six like the taste of war you always that really juice is supposed to be of the rights or I remember representing you my brothers reside is big things and usages in the week as part of our vernacular again imagine much arisen but anyway keep century producer and yet so I was to be in shape and healthy so bit by bit sidelining more climb more than a side reading box in health and fitness then I am starting in the weights room and present at the structured exercise press like to see on when I say drinking the water at six like to see results pretty quickly rid of the solar electric drink water citing results pretty quick thus I was stoked from the buyer time was like 1516 owes in awesome shape so I went to on to college to study a sport science in physiology our college according to personal training to be honest able I was just very interesting from a selfish point of view about how I could be on my best physical teacher at Cambuslang I will outline you love reading, playing things so side off with a selfish pursuit and then later almost I realise you can help other people with this to love you brother the water thing because I have religion to the all the time and I think most people don't realise where a vast majority of people or starting rate you know when you're trying to get healthy most people are starting from this place of complete either you're being ignorant of the way that works or more often out to be misinformed about how this works or being your understanding propaganda marketing as opposed to actual things new tag about you know drinking water instead of things that are either pure sugar or your obviously terrible for you so is things like that it's incredible the results that that one simple change to making life a member of the first blog post I wrote that went viral was about how one of my friends in college he was on recruiting and he was going to get booted off the boat if you lose about £25 within a month and a you know within the world of fitness modelling in a light competitive sports going up and down in weight is not uncommon but he decided to see if he could do it in and was the 25 or maybe is £20 by getting rid of all is liquid calories and just drinking water and eating normally and I was the only change you made any major way just doing that because you get a typical diet is especially a college student there is a lot of beer usually allows produce milk time. It you know may or may not be bad in and of themselves or something like milk is an exemplary fruit juice to some degree black with the amount that most people are having at these things just make one tweak drinking water instead every single time for my can make some massive changes what some other things that that surprised you as you can grew up and entered into a seasoned veteran of the of training and exercising and say doing high-intensity high intensity exercises and I thought I the grant from long run to lose body Fat number one running as far as I can along the ground and realise moment do you minutes of high intensity intervals seem to get better results just from doing that and other things that I did was an, carbohydrates unite on one side out for breakfast why would he is only an serial usually Weetabix about five or six Weetabix with milk on static shredded wheat is like shredded wheat accepts this it's got sugar in the throes of the training we sizeable milk over the shredded wheat and then my mum she heard the glucose powder give you energy right was itself energy to support glucose powder over the reader's but and so I wouldn't wasn't too great so when I switch the report to an online egg-based program based and breakfast only really really well with the and the other side doing so realising that no I was a protein type and came to metabolic type and things I switch switch to more unrealisable it was a period diet is a side shifting toward a period of dialogue, citing really great results interesting to because I especially secure house I was was the chilliest brother and especially worried.

The way was like the food I liked and I do not eat something to drink some things where is one must address is just you are but you start to realise as you did that at the choices that you make are just that the choices and you can decide to be healthy or not even from a young age and one of the things I think is being lost as many now adults don't know how to prepare the right foods for them they don't know how their genetics will interact with different dietary paradigms in an exercise in things like that by one of the things that that I wanted with the show in everything we do is can give that simple advice I can give people from a place of you know eating eating shredded wheat with glucose powder over it to easy enough switching it for some delicious eggs and bacon maybe will eventually decide which you might like that isn't better it doesn't even come down to personal preferences much is like having the knowledge and in your back pocket Napoleon action and then watching your body and life transforming some of the things people can do just story actually maybe the most powerful thing I learned early on I just fell upon it by chance was actually when I started drinking water and told myself like war and are ready in the magazine that is healthy for so I was 13 years old myself I said to myself okay for the next two weeks following a drink is water monitoring milk producer just what and down do anything else different change anything else in my diet can change my exercising changed my diet not been all I did was to eat focus on drinking water instead and the two weeks it was easy actually like the taste of war became a habit and then for the rest of my life since then pretty much is only drank water and I fell straight I realise that man being healthy is all about is making habitual choices point you in the TV to where you want to go to screen habit new habits eyes fell upon it with the water at the edges by drinking more than two weeks after that was easy to think about it all and do is groundwater without even making a conscious choice I once wore and then I moved on to another habit of moving on atomic hides what I always tell people restore analogies focus on one thing you know will make you healthier lose weight when everyone is focus on the one thing focus on that for two weeks are among only do only make one change everything else keep the same control you found was well a lot of people who are willing to really transform the body transform how the tentative everything all at one and it lasts a week or two completely falls apart many start talking bad about themselves and the use of talkers on the gear open hearing totally off the train for a few weeks or maybe months or even years garage right to go again fall out and then feel disappointment when it doesn't work for them six motivators is personality based as well for some people it seems like is tearing at burning off into the lifestyle change my work and it sticks for some people but doesn't see Mike that many the ones who really seem to get traction over time I think like you said want to take that one area of focus and then making it an unconscious decision from that point forward right building that habit and then you when I wake up in the morning I not think about it I just kind of like you always do a lot of time but I'm walking the cupboard and grabbing, filling it with water lashes, the first thing that I do it doesn't take any willpower or effort in fact it was the Arctic because now I associate with how I feel better after writing that thing remain and stories in less have done yet and so you can build good habits and bad habits and it's not quite as scary and terrifying as most people make it out to be right the idea that even if you don't like water that you would be drinking water for two weeks pretty simple rate it is not necessarily easy but recent straightforward for some others it was similar examples breakfast drinking water heightening exercise high-intensity exercise other things would be allied to focus on one meal a time when my clients to monitor what you want to transform the dire then we may start with a breakfast rainfall two weeks a month or you lose focus on a healthy breakfast are also unconscious and got into a habit of having said some eggs bacon and veggies something by okay what's the next easiest thing was solely sounding through the biggest results for you may be working on lunch begins a healthy lunch for 2 to 4 weeks everyone dresses maybe it's the sleep and big really really big on sleep maybe it's getting to sleep at certain time or maybe turning off electronics at certain times you feel tired when it time to go to sleep right many many things you can do to improve your health and it's just about doing one thing at a time and seen the whole process is more than marital rather than a sprinter and an really having self compassion and giving yourself a break and realising that you know okay I'm make a mistake here allows fine human long as I keep a focus on it soon enough it can become a habit and will move onto the next law change from me year so as you grew up you know you started to get a handle on on being physical and can control your body composition when you're in your teens as I did as well, in a similar way that I thought the wagon again when you can switch that world from being a normal person to join the world of fitness miles in people at the elite level what you notice is the most striking different differences there's something they know that other people don't deliver simple you know matter of how you lifestyle is giving up the things that you love sacrifices would you notice a few things so first thing which is this is extremely powerful for anybody who is willing to make a shift whatever it is and that is identity give yourself identity you give yourself so for example I knew early on I want to be fitness model because I was ready magazines of the young son help me learn that inspired me to do something about the way exciting work-related wannabe fitness model and then actually gave myself the identity of the fitness model as a wannabe fitness model so I am a fitness model right now fitness modelling training and I saw the world through the lens of a fitness model so I'd ask myself one fitness modelling this no Emeritus fitness model work out right now was the workout is Christmas Day with a small workout Christmas Day it would workout Christmas Day is a time and work out despite a take on the identity of a fitness model. In making those decisions and I really encourage up for anyone maybe is not fitness model movies and actually alcohol war no medium fit – you know on Mark tell yourself that you believe it means that making decisions are in line with the fleet that fit mom such good advice right somewhere one thing with fitness models is here with they just do the habit the right habits more consistently than everyone else and they generally have a plan for everything so live training plan in reselling what doing training wise and nutrition plan know exactly what doing nutrition wise and keep everything ticking over a certain level in a pristine okay shape the majority time of actually really good shape the majority time and then you have a shoe in a week or two that will start doing drastic measures like uncovering water right before the shoot. Drinking water will start some of the more drink wine so they look more dehydrated in the morning and dehydrate themselves more rates if the rule be too heavy before the Schubert government before the be on the treadmill doing high-level sprints paid every day until the shoe I remember I would never do this now this is like back when wasn't as educators now on optimal health but I remember dieting for this one shoe dying for a couple months for dehydrate myself another really hot bath the night before treated water wine the night before some super dehydrated and on the day the shoe having Coca-Cola because the sugars make. How even more solid amazing but Bell terrible right absolutely terrible most of the time after shoe moves fitness models feel terrible they need to rehydrate he suddenly*and Oakley not get sick you were my friends are members is the first and I can usually go thought about this this world what people were doing to make way or to look great on stage and all that stuff and in what my friends who is perfect is more shape super low body fat when I sample for that week which she's your slight super rare but you could tell his Isa will hollowed out is so has gone on but his body the good then after that we can start again and he again at the ghost is purported your tour guide £25 and weaker and of course most of those wide awake your body reacts to to that retreatment but he said that another things body cripples place kicks you a whole bag of rice cakes just like the weirdest, most disgusting food that you would imagine all the way back on and more and then cannot like was heavy again and I back down doesn't know shoe denied later in the UN asked the telcos all year is going from just being starved to a little bit too heavy for what he wants but they can read anybody else and then your dining like most people realise about this is number one there are definitely treks that get people to the other a magazine or forfeit logic that in real life don't really work like that in my new Coke while in certain circumstances if you curb depleted and then you drink a Coke in your mobile phone you have muscles that they can go to make it look bigger but still bad. The preview and after a while doing it fitness modelling, seven years or so and am after a while slightly Saddam is gonna do this any more down feel terrible terrible one and a downright galleries on purpose and working out extra cutting calories feel terrible and terrible at the shoe for what one shoe for a couple of hours is something Ray Ammons realises this isn't good for body this is why I got in to train right into training to make myself feel terrible, while some look good on a visit all leading questions is easier to cut state that that have become your status in the view the amount of effort that takes the state your maintenance weight compared to being at that super low by that its name course right oath 00 now ice is pretty much the same way 1 cut now nodded down one amenable bed and train a little bit harder 101 ball, the more you ignore your worry bout using fat because did exactly the right way is a thing so nothing really in question able I used to be the guy who measured all food taxable weighing scales really high-quality one, put food on dial in the scales what the food was chicken and all tell me why this amount routine this amount far the semantic calories I submitted all the food out and know exactly how many calories in the the truth is it works your okay by doing that following a strategic plan of hours manipulating my diet carb cycling calorie cycling all these things the definitely definitely worked now I think of it now like the 20 principal and to get the last 20% of my physique by doing this carb cycling and I really need to lose a bit more all I would do is reduce my calories low bit on what amoebae reduce calories is not measuring it is still a okay artist have a fixed pot 1/5 less on my properly that it was all a bit less and easily do employ that works according bigger like right now feel I can really be like 6 foot two and £220 an hour really been as much as I probably need for the past year have been eating and losing weight on now,, God make sure bodies well said even more of the support of fifth fifth more food on every play you will be more open way (some body fat if I do maybe a DuPont somebody fat either increase in exercise intensity or just be a little bit less when like to communicate with clients and everyone 10 is listening is becoming really really simple make his own way even more weight of it will increase exercise intensity first and maybe even a little bit less to sort I love that was about this because I have people unsure some people say you know calories are biblical completely one-sided but as you know especially when he sought to give into the elite level it definitely matters to some now the not all created equal and what if your is another one starting with the right foods that you talked about if it's if it's lots of fibrous veggies if it's not too high in in cards and your eating dinner nutrient dense food then there is an effect of eating more in less that you can see in your body by you know if you're still eating bad food then you don't really have to worry bout calories was that kind of capsule anyone right calories always start to matter when you're eating the right food doing it in the right way but I hope you know in you talking about this addicts with some of them speak about weight loss rate some people think that they or this way the ball was then overweight there are always going to be overweight when you're in the circles of that that urine you understand that it's a process for people who have attacked the losing weight or their incorrect foods/calories a bunch are still not getting results what are some things that they can do or that you help people along with that might be some other strategies will personalise single how much a big flashy calories by an hour longer been going on for because I do know if she/calories too much elegance start messing with you all the messing up with testosterone of the Thai performance and body especially women oestrogen if your hormones get messed up on that can affect how much body fat lose can affect your muscle mass concerned only whole metabolism so body just isn't very not many calories anyway and so check that out another thing that I'm really big on its sleep people forget about sleep in the equation and solutions gain anything less than six hours sleep you more likely to be overweight anything less than five hours sleep you more likely to be obese and soon sleep quality is very important client before always done is focused on the sleep Inn really high quality sleep and lost body fat because what you sleeping at the burning Fat also your hormones get optimised while you're sleeping rebels build muscle and get your body working properly and moving forward so sleep is a big one I get enough sleep able to sleep between around 10 PM 1030 and maybe will use 11 when you go to sleep is a room black and dark completely blacked out again enough sleep for your body how much sleep you need well most people tend to need around eight hours sleep a good way to figure out how much you need is by getting to sleep at 10 PM every night for a week and not put in a more modern seem what time you wake up if you wake up you so many hours nine hours for a week will be average in Tunis sought to get an idea of how much sleep the body actually needs people don't realise and because always use alarms wake up alarm six hours sleep make mental groggy after coffee and you slap in the face feel all right ready to go with my wildly much sleep 6005 and were worried anybody tell you sleep into the body which will have a better idea you actually need one things like disguises students is of the tracks are among the things that I've I've learned by signals on ABC show they started using fitness and so this must using it as well I just wonder all the.but now the one to go around your wrist and adjust the activity trackers month the natural teacher so I must these are sleep tracking sadistic Cialis buy was that they sit at least asleep but one thing I notice is my wife has one as well as a big difference between the maritime that you embed in emails and gradually sleep as well one realise that the things that you set your military room is black and called temperature of various other things like that they can really help a lot but for me I realised that no matter how good the situation is still relatively light sleeper most of the time and if I'm in bed for eight hours and seven and moved Linford 910, beginning a 79 it really fluctuates or fluctuates depending upon how well I'm using and what my stress level is so many various things but biblical things to notice as well is that people are different so when you get my data in all of we'll do our croissants but we will give my data I typically gets seven hours and 6:45 hours and 45 minutes of actual sleep a night no matter what I did that like the hours that comes out every week my wife fell gets slick at least a half an hour 45 minutes more than and seems to really need and I think that's a positive example of how people need to pay attention to the byes and realise that raw individuals and hopefully do not tell yourself the story like people never need sleep person conversing in a difficult out there will have you seen some epic crash outs from some of your clients who've acted that way and then deal it would sideways all I mean you can usually see in the body your usually see in the body right all are not stressed out I really do need much sleep yet no way the looks tired and telling me that the recall was anybody farming been working outside in the region good and you are not losing anyway okay and will assemble amorously while need much sleep what you drink from day of friendly other people would like to 6 espresso is under rockstar obviously there are a known going in Hollywood as well known as another springs that people take executive is to keep themselves going on them here your speak of that to some legal staff that take and, is that this is come up in a couple of very zany yet and having a run over couple of cases of people personally know and I will like what really you know I've shot though it is not mine well you are doing figures that exists in my world am talking about no high quality coffee with you I will say is: the cabal as far as I go said the stimulant so yeah it's real you know got spooked people who the tyres of the form do online something to pick them up and keep keep them going and that's what people do when got high stress job in your in entrepreneur in an executive got to do is okay to do that is picky what he can get bit more work done and um I believe it's common is usually rhino couple people definitely do and down as it savours censoring no smoke without fire it so interesting we look at that world to because that's what the other things so important for the average Joe's jeans out there understand that that the celebrity world the Hollywood world a lot of times when there are millions of dollars on one there is wonky stuff, and that's not realistic for most people to apply the wiser even your wells on ABC show coaching a guy down for 14 weeks is a national television days incredible accountability that that is impossible to fake in in your real life in that we are but some were some things that the people should really learn about since we in some ways live on the fringes and some other things that they should know that would give them some hope of getting their health back instead of necessarily being on the front of a fitness magazine again at seems really really simple count really simple drink enough water each day as a great first step but anyone including the Hollywood executives are taking bread, types of performance enhancing drugs to keep well performance enhancing maybe not) taking things to keep them going escape of energy and give them energy is actually if you make sure your hydrating in the first place you can have more energy along taking copying and all site types of things and constantly dehydrated so going to feel you feel tired though one how do you increase energy levels help yourself lose far will make you drink enough water is step one how do you know how much water during an easy love formula I like to use is taking away in pounds cut in half so make two £2220 claim 1:30 10 make sure that the minimum amount of water you drink per day in ounces the minimum mouthwatering for me would be hundred and 10 ounces a day is taking away in pounds cut in half turning ounces each of the minimum amount you drink per day that one thing can help you with body facts can help you reduce skin brightening up you a lot more energy other things to remember is all about your environment is all about your environment willpower is finite willpower does not last we know that from those studies willpower and no positive psychology Citizen willpower meaning you may have willpower first thing in the morning when United refresh after a long day at work we must make so many decisions and get home you willpower is unlikely to be as high season got junk food in the house more likely to eat it whereas if your house any junk food annoying those healthy options then you are likely to eat the healthy options so I told my clients and other people once again shaped to as much as possible mutually environment you spend the most time in is just full of healthy options that fit Misha Newcastle about the options which we homes for the wealth of healthy options make sure when you get to work desk is full of healthy options because I know result we can be a lot temptations at work bringing chocolate bringing cakes in someone's birthday his donor and so work is a little bit harder to control and you can take control of your desk damaging healthy options are the fact is that easy make it on yourself by making your environment healthy environment make it easy to work out your gym kit all nicely laid out already in a bag whenever you need one new car you got one in your home but I'm all planned out the easy make it for yourself more successful you going to be as soon as you start relying on willpower the more likely you are to fail is quite better to rely on identity by descent before you is there something so you know so you were a fitness model that that identity will treat that millionaires seem to work well from the is is there anything that the people can doing the wrong wires to give themselves an identity that is not quite as squishy as I'm a healthy person) do everything is using work yeah and we it can be anything from anyone like you said and I know other clients before most of my clients are men our client before and they will need to be fit to the oneness of sons and daughters got older it could still play you run around with them simply ball you still you mess around in big not just be overweight and can't really get involved so one they've taken on an identities of as that fit that you will fit daddy is envisaged as an excuse for so many people do write the and the debts whatever Not that is that an the works for you do that the key talent is self telling T cell often smile when you decide to sell allow yourself to believe it and you will become that your initial not performed with with currents of his voice 48 now but a grandpa and his promoter that he talks of mechanical back-and-forth when everything is or is his nickname is greater meaning subscriber meaning never gives up a credible meaning never gives up so if that was not your salaries and feel like anyone or going for a walk or whatever it was that was horrid the time that was the little things so that seem to really give him through some tough moments I think everyone has that that bit of meaning that they can apply the lies and identities I think the fit mom fit dad grandpa grandma whatever it is that worked so well and I hope that you listening will try that out yourself just about our time work but before we go what is folks were they can find what you working on next holiday will be confined me@markDharma.com and Montgomery.com on what I'm really working on is really focusing on mindset so how to be happy how to be confident to be super motivated and masters degree is in positive psychology six all about optimal mental performance so I look back in terms of fitness and health and also look at them you are really enjoying life in having a lesson alone in my 20s I was in really great shape of the fitness model was in fantastic shape and I thought Westside journeys 13.man balancing really great shape and be so happy you like or right and then I got into really great shape and you know for parlay I was depressed and was happy all angry young man wasn't happy and I figured am in great shape I'm still not happy for: must because I don't have any money. Also has case. Making money is to start making money found ways to make money in bingo lobby better by being the day I was still unhappy I was unhappy United in a palace of depression I was still angry like the body you know, the amino 20s and meet lots within storm happy Sony I realise that you know the real cute keto life is this in mind that you mind understanding mind learning to take control of and directed the way you want to go the triggers a particular squad that that Weinstein focusing on and now I'm shared tools and people on how to really take control the minds as well as a hell so that it can really be other best both physically and mentally allow that will work to suspend a very revealing interview in the best ways and I hope that people listening out there even though you are talking one of the elite level guys you realise that you can get there too if you like you don't have to make the mistakes and sacrifices that solve submit along the actually is it can be as simple as giving wiring eating clean your doing a high-intensity exercise the type that is above the points itself over and over again just doing intense the and playing like a kid again bring some joy of this because that's that's what will bring longevity to life into your habits is actually having some joy being a taxonomist of the fit dad or the guy and gal would have itself might think is a much for sharing this with the world and appreciate your positivity and how transparent you are about what you do in your back why do to fix a must, Shauna Frankie's immeasurable enjoyment before you go don't forget to grab your visitor discount on a 30 day cosplay in this plan which are 30 days of mouthwatering wild diet new plans that are designed to help draft that with the new plans appear your friendly easy to make and literally the meals that my wife Alison and naive just about every day and night distinguishing and happy program you get the most effective method of new nutrient timing to best emulate that loss of muscle recovery the truth about how much protein you really need your body type XXX days of specific healthy fat burning meal plan is done for you nutrition strategy, or if you check it out today and visitor discount all you have to do is type in that burning may end.com/30 days at number 38 white scores again@thatdomain.com/so this episode was brought to you by cattle in fire our friends at kennel and fire make brass from 100% grass fed organically raised cattle any throwing organic veggies like carrots and onions and celery with a pinch of black peppercorn sea salt in time straight out of the box and huge fear of this broth as a listener of that burning man you can give 20% discount to try this bra for yourself just head on over to fat burning may.com/broth to get your discount to get free support they deserve much for joining us on this episode of that burning man if you'd like to don't forget to hit the subscribe button on iTunes stitcher due to the podcast app whatever else you might be listening to or watching the show gas second please leave me a quick review on iTunes I always love hearing from you and if you think someone else might like and benefit from this free show please take a 2nd to share it with a friend or family member you can touch with me on Twitter at that burn man on Facebook by typing in able genes were fat burning man drop me a line you know that I've recorded over 150 episodes that man when was an independent media and countries use mortgages download with every single episode all you have to do that burning man.the second you get all the show notes in video and audio versions all the past episodes that burning better yet interview best known that Britain may.com sign in my newsletter knowledge and send you a quick start guide the start that right now a few of our ridiculously tasty recipes is a special place so what against that bring men.com right now and invest email you free fabric downloads straight to your inbox make sure that you never miss a show you this is evil James signing off they somewhat listening nitoring the calories he would get to the last 20% if I'm going to be a percent good which still looks great enough appeal way better feel great irony to do any of that I simply follow a simple pillion style diet, lose a bit of body fat the first thing I'll do is increase my exercise is increasing exercise volume that usually it is increasing number of exciting volume and either saying