Back and Neck Pain Relief Through Expertly-Guided Exercise.

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Exercise Physiology to rehabilitate back/neck pain; muscular and joint pains. Sports Scientists/Exercise Physiologists are required to undertake 30x the technical training of the most advanced Personal Trainer. Therefore, there is a deep understanding of body mechanics and how they affect pain. Sessions can be undertaken at your home, at my home (conservatory) or at our gym in central Leeds ( £40 per 1 hour session

How We Work.

Jon Robinson and the BPM Lab method is to take a macro-approach to getting the body working as well as you possibly can mechanically, in order to mean that you have good body mechanics that will keep you pain free. Below is a video we made from our previous gym, Spinback Fitness; 2-times TimeOut Shanghai Gym-of-the-Year. We sold the gym to return to UK, but the method is the same.

To discuss how we can help you, please call 07407 186 416 or email jon @ bpmbikelab . com
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