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BPM Lab Leeds (UK) is the new approach to Health & Fitness formed by Jen and Jon Robinson following the sale of their previous gym, which was the reigning Time-Out magazine gym of the year in Shanghai, China upon J & J's return to the UK after many years abroad. Wanting to be closer to family, they are loving life in Leeds bringing up their newest addition, Oscar, who will start spin instructor training the minute he is big enough to get on the bike! BPM is a celebration of joint loves for health, fitness, spirituality and music. Surrounded by like-minded people, The BPM Team will show show you how to get seriously fit in Body and Mind and have a good ole jolly in the process as well as all being big believers in Fitness without Judgement! Meet The Team below and catch them at The Lab!

Jen Edwards-Robinson

Catch Jen at Cardio - Bike Lab every Tue & Weds 5:30pm & 18:45pm

Spinaholic Jen is a globetrotting, cat-loving spin fanatic (see nutter - Ed) with the leg endurance to power a medium-sized town through Christmas. Sessions are high-intensity interval-based, ultra high energy, loud, infectious and habit-forming. Immune and impervious to pain due to a flame-resistant muscle physiology, Jenny's classes strip the fat at an alarming rate, meaning you're sure to leave with less than you came in with.

Jon Robinson

Catch Jon at Cardio - Bike Lab every Mon & Thur 6.45pm Fri 7.30 am & 12pm

Jon is a Sports Scientist, bringing the deepest well of technical knowledge in the Health & Fitness arena. The time to graduation eclipses that which is the standard required by the large gym chains by literally a factor of 30. BPM are higher qualified, boutique with close attention to detail and therefore ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatments. Utilising 25 years keeping abreast of only the credible scientific journals (the majority of journals are disreputable unfortunately), Jon is a specialist in alleviating musculo-skeletal pain but will also advise on cardio-pulmonary disease, nutrition/dietetics, pre and post-natal exercise. One single session only is required to diagnose and formulate a rehab structure. From there, close supervision through a Physio Lab membership ensures pain is either banished or managed well. (No extra charges apply for consultations/diagnoses). 


Spinning in Leeds, gym in Leeds, Yoga in Leeds, personal training in Leeds, cheap gym in Leeds

Spinning in Leeds, gym in Leeds, Yoga in Leeds, personal training in Leeds, cheap gym in Leeds

Spinning in Leeds, yoga in Leeds, cheap gym in Leeds, personal training in Leeds

Amanda Brayshaw

Catch Amanda at Balance - Zen Lab Thu 12:30pm (Rocket Yoga with a strength and active element)

specialises in The Rocket Yoga System . All the way from San Francisco Rocket yoga is energetic and fun. With regular practice you will build strength and stamina, increase your flexibility and range of movement. Rocket works hard to reach muscles effectively leaving you super toned.

Leeds Samba Brazilian drumming school
Thali (samba master) and Gez (drum maestro)

Catch Thali and Gez Wed 7.30 (ssmba) & 8.30pm (drumming school)

Leeds Samba is a brand-new music, dance and carnival arts organisation formed to teach, create and perform authentic Brazilian styles with a new and unique identity.  
Get involved in some real samba with veterans of the Brazilian & UK scenes at weekly open sessions, become part of a big new carnival sound.

Binny Shakti Yoga City Centre Leeds
Binny Shakti Yoga

Catch Binny at Balance - Zen Lab Mon 1235pm.

Shakti means energy or strength. Shakti is complex, nurturing, always changing. Shakti is also feminine energy of creation, coursing through the entire universe. It enables us to live, think, eat, act –empowering our minds with emotions, memories and desires. It is essential for physical health and vibrancy, to be able to move forth with wisdom and confront the daily stresses of life.

That inner Shakti is summoned and awakened, when the breath links with the dynamic movements practiced in the flowing sequence of yoga asana.

Yoga Alliance

200 hours Yoga London (RYT)
500 hours Yoga London (YTT) & loving it

Personal Information-
Yorkshire based, Vinyasa-flow, Ashtanaga-Vinyasa teacher. Teaching private and in various establishments around the city

When I started yoga 15yrs ago, it was meant to be a part of my rigorous fitness routine and getting a trimmer shape was the ultimate goal. Whatever little I had heard about yoga from people was that “Yoga is a journey, of the self, to the self, through the self” – it made little or no sense to me at the time. To me it was ‘exercise produces pheromones and pheromones make you happy’ and that’s that. But truth was far deeper than that. After a committed yoga practice and then combining it with my yoga teacher training, I learnt that ‘Yoga is about creating balance”. When we move our bodies into the asanas, when we breathe that air in and out of the body, synchronising it with that flow of movement, it creates a rhythm but it also teaches the mind and body to create or find that inner balance. When we were asked by our teachers to be mindful of our thoughts, or pushing the limits of our bodies because of egos, it was more than ‘just a practice’ on the mat, and coming off of it with no thought. Every class I took, I took that sense of conscientiousness off that mat and into the real world out there. Was I always calm & saintly? Far from that. But I found myself naturally practicing the yogic philosophy, and in turn learning to let go of control or that ego that we all deal with in our lives. To become a “student of life” through life’s experiences, not just by reading. My goal is to bring some positivity in each person’s life I come in touch with.

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Sarah Knott

Catch Sarah at Cardio - Bike Lab Thu 6.45pm

After 5 years of participating in spin classes I wanted to be able to share my passion for spin and teach others. I took my spin qualification and have never looked back! 

I work full time and enjoy getting on the bike to keep fit, I love playing around with new music, different drills and encouraging those who are nervous of the dreaded cardio workout to give it a go! 

My classes are high energy, fun and hard work but be sure to make you leave feeling amazing. 

I enjoy weight training, long walks with the dog and making people sweat!!

Spinning in Leeds, yoga in Leeds, cheap gym in Leeds, personal training in Leeds

Contra Mestra Negoteta

Catch Sandro and Gaelle at Balance - Zen Lab every Tue and Thu 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Capoeira is a martial art that combines elements of fight, acrobatics, music, dance and rituals in a very elegant and magnetic way. Performed by two people, it is often called “Capoeira game” that is played, not a fight. Capoeira is always played with a smile on face symbolizing that the capoeiristas are not afraid from the danger that is coming. The uniqueness of Capoeira will give your body physical strength, power and flexibility and your mind self-confidence, concentration, courage and creativity. Many people say that Capoeira is one of the best things that happened in their life. However, the only way to truly understand the magnetism of Capoeira is to see it and try it yourself.


Liam Brown

Catch Liam at Cardio - Bike Lab and Strength - Physio Lab throughout the week for spinning and circuits

"Ever since I was introduced to sport, fitness has played a massive role in my life. Whether it's playing rugby, football or running, I'm always active..!! I spent 11 years as a rugby league athlete competing in different leagues and cups around the country at all different levels and in various competitions with a vast amount of success! I've also been a coach teaching young promising talent into rugby leagues introducing them to skills such as good communication and the importance of team work / leadership, setting them up for life. My goals are to keep myself at a high standard of health and fitness as I continue with my training. I am a strong believer in helping others to achieve their goals within sport, health, fitness and well-being. I simply like to do what actually works and keep everything simple but effective and not over complicate anything.
If you’re someone who needs motivation, confidence or more knowledge on training/nutrition then it’s time to act now and together we can reach your goals!"

Cheap gym in Leeds, indoor cycling, spinning in Leeds, yoga in Leeds, cardio, weights

Chris Dudley

Catch Chris at Balance - Zen Lab throughout the week for coaching, therapy, seminars, workshops and meditations

Chris is a life coach and therapist. My primary focus is to guide you to the learning you need to free you to change and achieve. Learning is at the core of my coaching and training and I'm passionate about teaching you to better understand yourself, your beliefs, your values and what you truly want from your life. I support you to gain perspective in all areas of your life and livelihood. I guide you to identify the changes you need to make and create a plan in order to achieve the balance and success you deserve. Rewarding you with the self-confidence to explore unlimited possibilities and to use your new knowledge and skills to achieve the highest levels of success.

Choosing to work with me is an immediate investment in your future and a clear action to take responsibility now. I am friendly and approachable, and I work in partnership with you to ensure you're making positive changes and achieving your full potential whilst maintaining balance and perspective. I pride myself on my empathy and honesty, I'll listen, and you can guarantee I'll tell you it like it is, no fluff, and a clear focus on supporting you to gain the knowledge and skills you need in order to change and achieve.

I am a Master Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy. I hold qualifications in Learning and Development Practice and Human Resource Development certified through the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development of which I am an Associate Member."

Chris Dudley

Spinning in Leeds, yoga in Leeds, cheap gym in Leeds, personal training in Leeds

Sumi Chatterjee

Catch Sumi and/or Vanessa at Balance - Zen Lab every Weds 7:30am (Rooster / Hatha yoga with meditative / Mindful element)

Sumi has been practicing yoga for the last 7 years and became interested in both the physical and psychological benefits of a regular yoga practice. Having a medical background she has always been fascinated by the human body and has taught anatomy to prospective yoga teachers. She herself is qualified in Vinyasa flow yoga having done her teacher training with Jamie Blowers in South Wales last year. Her long term passion remains to inspire both experienced and beginners to explore their bodies with yoga so as to maintain optimal health and emotional well being
(Sumi on the left of the pic with fellow yoga lovers Vanessa, Jamie and Sue and BPM mascots Rufus and Chaka!)

Spinning in Leeds, gym in Leeds, Yoga in Leeds, personal training in Leeds, cheap gym in Leeds

Vanessa Allen

Catch Sumi and/or Vanessa at Balance - Zen Lab every Weds 7:30am (Rooster / Hatha yoga with meditative / Mindful element)

is a certified yoga teacher with Sivananda yoga in India and with Steve Avian in Sheffield as well as five months at the Agama yoga school in Thailand. Also qualified in Thai yoga massage and undertakes an ongoing study of the philosophy and meditation of yoga. Vanessa is particularly inspired by the relaxing and awareness raising qualities of yoga and is very happy to hear students exclaim that “they weren’t going to attend class but are happy they did because they feel so much better”. Its what motivates me to teach.

Spinning in Leeds, yoga in Leeds, cheap gym in Leeds, personal training in Leeds

Szilvia Szeker

Catch Szilvia at Cardio - Bike Lab ... back on the bike soon!

"My enthusiasm for fitness started at just 3 years old. From this age I competed across Europe in different dance disciplines. I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals. Classes are a great way to get fit. They help you feel and look amazing. Classes should be most of all fun and enjoyable. I aim to tailor my classes so that everyone feels like the class was designed for them personally. I am currently a Level 2 fitness instructor working towards my level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification. I believe so much that if you find a job you are passionate about you will not have to work another day in your life. Helping clients achieve their goals is the most rewarding feeling for me!"

Spinning in Leeds, gym in Leeds, Yoga in Leeds, personal training in Leeds, cheap gym in Leeds

Glenn Freelove (back on the bike soon, watch this space!)

Nutrition Glenn is a food expert and spin enthusiast with a passion for health! He also has a way of making you feel like you're never working hard enough... and is stubborn enough to convince you that you should be doing more! Combine this with his love of annoyingly catchy tunes and you've got yourself an intense workout! He's not going to be happy unless he thinks you're at breaking point so prepare yourself!!!

Spinning in Leeds, gym in Leeds, Yoga in Leeds, personal training in Leeds, cheap gym in Leeds

Spinning in Leeds, gym in Leeds, Yoga in Leeds, personal training in Leeds, cheap gym in Leeds